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Boiler Experts

With over 20 years of combined boiler experience, MKDS Mechanical is your boiler expert. Our technicians have vast knowledge and experience with Commercial / Industrial boilers as well as Residential boilers. Call us with any questions or if you need service (630)453-1079

Boiler Service, Boiler Repair, Boiler Estimate

Boiler Services

One of the most common questions we are asked is, "do I need to have my boiler cleaned annually?"

The answer is yes. To maintain the boilers efficiency and life, the boiler should be cleaned and inspected annually. Maintaining you boiler annually allows the technician to inspect the boiler for overheating to prevent future cracking, make sure the circulating pump is working properly and make sure the burners are not misfiring. If you would like to schedule a service with one of our boiler experts, please call us at (630)453-1079

Boiler Replacement

Does you boiler need to be replaced?

If a boiler service technician has informed you that your boiler is starting to go bad, you may want to start taking the steps to getting a new one. Boilers are not a quick and easy change out the can happen in a day, but in a best case scenario would be best to have time to plan it out with the installer. If you are concerned that you may need a new boiler, please call our boiler experts at (630)453-1079

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